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Trends have been drastically changing, it’s important to stay up to date with it to bring innovative changes to your home dé;cor.

The 21st century has seen a rise of smart home and furniture designed to be adapted to modern technology.

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1. Automatic track

This generation has witnessed an increase in lethargic people who want everything to be done by a click on remote. Earlier everything had to be done manually and it had become frustrating for the users, now with the launch of automatic track by deco window, you can get convenience and elegance at a touch of a button or with a sound of your voice. This allows you to enjoy and relax. So why not opt for something like this at affordable prices??

Reasons to choose automatic track:

• Simplify: no need to put effort to pull on heavy curtains, relax and let the motors do the work for you • Beautify: Add class and elegance by adding deco window’s automatic trackcustomized gifts, with smooth quite operation, your house will be perfect all the time. • Privacy: You can schedule to close the curtains at dawn rather than getting up when you are tucked in bed. This allows you to maintain privacy and avoid the street light gaze. • Convenient - smart home integration – It can connect with smart home system and realize curtain smart control. It is controlled by IPAD and smartphone. • 5yrs warranty- A guarantee of 5 years warranty on these automatic rods.

2. Rods :

Curtain rod trends have been drastically changing from scrapping wood from old bench to stylish and sophisticated rods. Its important to make sure your home gets a unique look that reflects your style. Wooden curtain rods give a polished and smart look to your window treatment with an extendable rod property to cater to your window size. Deco window also have double wooden rod where you can hang two curtains at a time to give grace to your home dé;cor. The modern rods are quite sturdy and can take weight up to 20kgs. So don’t forget to have a good blend with your designer curtain for a contemporary look. Deco window offers a wide range of designs such as swirl, pearl, arrow, floral and many more.

3. Colors : The color trends have been evolving every year, the freedom lies in being bold this year. The color purple of the year is bold and beautiful. You should opt for colors such as red that exhibits strong, reliant and full of energy. The color is very pleasing, passionate and brings a smile on everyone’s face. People are now days going for a Oceanside color to give a relaxing and cozy feeling to your home. Go for a dramatic purple for your kitchen rather than the usual pastel colors. Be different and unique is the motto!!!

Some colors such as an emerald green can never go out of trend. It’s a color that stepped in the history but also of the moment. I think it’s impeccable to me!!!

4. Roller blinds :

Try something new; change your window treatment from those standard curtains and drapes to roller blinds. Blinds these days have become a tend to accessorize and decorate your window. These blinds are available in numerous colors and give a renovation look. These window blinds are convenient to use and has been the latest trend in market. They are 100% blackout to provide privacy and avoid unwanted sunlight, ready to use, child safe with no loose cords and comes with premium hardware. 5. Wall shelves - There have been innovative ways to display your photos, showpieces and decorative items. Wall shelves or open storage have made life easier, you can use it as bookshelf, bedside table , a mini bar, pooja ghar, kitchen storage etc. You can purchase wall shelves from

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