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Elements began its life as an in-house brand aimed at the young, funky, home starter on a limited budget –; which was a new direction for us at the time. More recently, market research has revealed some valuable information about UK consumer tastes; and it turns out that whatever age you are and budget you have, you are declaring an increased interest in contemporary style. This knowledgecustomized gifts, coupled with the realisation that ‘Scandi’ is not a passing trend, but a style that’s firmly establishing itself into UK homes, gives me great encouragement to develop our Elements brand and make sure that the range offers something cool and contemporary for every customer.

This season our Elements range is influenced by iconic mid-century design, with many of the surface patterns provided by the fabulous and well-known textile artist, Fiona Howard.

accent pillow case baby burlap living room deco

The palette is very modern but highly commercial, adding highlights of orange and apple green to the latest winning combination of ochre with grey.

The living room palette is grounded by charcoal – which is presently my sofa colour of choice. The look is then pulled together with pops of colour in cushions, rugs and decorative ceramics. Sculptural plants such as cacti and mimosa sprays provide a welcome touch of nature.

And who wouldn’t feel cheered by starting their day waking up in a bed dressed with our sunflower yellow Elements duvet? I’m delighted to say that’s its already proving to be a big hit. My daughter is growing up fast and has recently decided that she wants to swap out her high sleeper for a ‘more mature’ double bed, (I can’t really say I blame her – as she’s getting too tall to get in and out of the high sleeper without bumping her head now!), so I may well be purchasing this for her in the next few months.

No matter what their preferred style in the rest of the house, I find that the majority of people opt to go quite clean and?contemporary in the kitchen and bathroom. Our Elements kitchen &; bathroom ranges are perfectly simple and stylish, combining bamboo wood with clean white. I can’t help thinking that yellow is going to become a huge trend in kitchen, and as I’m starting to consider the scheme for my own kitchen extension project, I have my eye on ways of incorporating this happy colour into the look.

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