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These days I have become less inclined to waste – it just doesn’t make me feel good. From food, to packaging to clothes and home furnishings, I am trying to be less of a consumer and more of a connoisseur.

For me, like many of our customers, this philosophy extends to how we are choosing to decorate our homes. This means looking for good quality timeless pieces which can be used to add to and update an existing scheme.

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With this in mindcustomized gifts, I am consciously looking for ways to?evolve some of our looks from one season to the next.

Our Honesty theme is a good example of this, offering a new twist on the coastal look which has been so strong over the last few seasons. The laid back casual style remains the same, but duck egg has been updated to greyed-off turquoise and the new ‘;seafoam’; shade. Fabrics and materials have a dry and?natural handle, with patterns inspired by powerful ocean waves and foam, and the naturally occurring lines in marble and agate.

In my dreams I have a number of homes all with different architectural styles. My fantasy holiday home is a contemporary, open plan house on a sunny coastline and its decorated with our Honesty collection.

There is a huge family sized Liberty corner sofa smothered in washy, painterly, cushions and sheer voiles at the patio doors gently fluttering in the refreshing breeze and providing me with tantalizing glimpses of the sparkling pool outside. In this scheme I will go for a ‘less is more’ approach, by adorning simply painted walls with large scale abstract landscapes such as our Honesty boxed canvas. Natural sparkle will be provided by mineral geodes, shell capiz and of course, the beautiful honesty seed pods this theme is named after. Cooking and dining will be a casual and relaxed affair, which is reflected by the look and feel of the dining furniture and dinnerware.

The bedroom and bathroom mix silver highlights with the seafoam colour to add a little bit of glamour and pearlescent highlights provide the sparkle. Our Waves pattern bedding provides the ideal unisex cool for a restful night’s sleep, ready to face the next day in that exhilarating salty air.

Oh, for that idyllic life where I get to sit and contemplate only the things that really matter, whilst sipping on my one exquisite glass of wine (rather than polishing off a whole bottle of cheap plonk).

One can but aspire!

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