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We begin to explore the exciting directions that our baby boy papers can be taken in, with so many options choosing a color palette and feel that fits your style is easy. ?This can be so important when making a book for a gift like this one Marie shares today that have extra special meaning.

As you view each of the pages of Marie’;s book the story she shares will resonate. ?Being able to create and express yourself or share your creativity with others is a true gift. ?This book is not only beautiful to look at, but it the eclectic mix of designs and materials that come together to create something oh so special.

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About this time last year a heartbreaking story was told in our home. The story of a young couple that lost their newborn son to a horrible disease called?Epidermolysis Bullosa. The mother of the child was one of my collegues and everyone at my work was really touched and sad about what happend. After everything they had gone through the couple decided to try and have another child. And with extensive research and test from local genetics they did it! This fall little Arvid will have a little brother. This album was made for the parents to write memories about him and his brother.

I have used a 5×;7 Tabbed book together with patterned papers and tags from the Baby Boy Tags.

You can mix and match the papers to create a different look for each page. ?Many of the Canvas Corp papers leave spaces you can use to journal or write notes –; like the new Ticking Papers, Journal Linescustomized gifts, Little Pages and Postcards. ?Lots of ways to capture what needs to be said.

The assortment of tags in the Baby Boy Printed Tags offers nice options when creating each page so that they can each have their very own personalities.

Adding feathers, doilies and other fun accents gives the pages a fresh trendy look.

Choosing papers that coordinate with the baby papers, but may be part of Boots n’; Saddle or Nautical is a fun way to make your journal your own.

Slipping a postcard, journal card or other size card into the book adds fun layers and adds more places to journal and write.

The touch of the vintage card from 7gypsies Are We There Yet? Gypsy Moments Cards, can be about travel, but it can also capture very special moments from an event or favorites of a child. ?The touches of vintage animals mixed with the basic paper give the feel of a found objects but they are just layers of paper.

Create little pockets with envelopes or bags to hold photos, cards, gift cards from gifts, baby cards and more. ?Keeping them all together and having the chance to read them is a great reminder of the goods times, the special times and even the hard times.Each tab in your book can be a month, a milestone or just because.

Add sweet charms and other little special trinkets or found objects.

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To see more of Marie’;s work stop by her blog?Create without limits.

Happy Creating!!!!

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Are you as excited as I am to finally have Erin Paisley's work in the Artist Series? I dunno...I'm pretttty pretty pretty danged giddy about it! >biting nails< I have admired Erin's artwork and embroidery for several years. I'm not the only one -she has quite the fan following. Her work is disarmingly simple and sweet but has a style all of its own.

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