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customized gifts Colorful Embossed DIY Vases diy home decoration

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Give plain vases and glasses a quick and colorful update with this fun and simple technique! Use your embossing machine for more than just paper crafts with this vase DIY home decor idea.

I’;m always looking for new ways to put my crafty tools to work, and lately I have been playing around quite a bit with my embossing machine and embossing folders. I have tried embossing materials besides paper, and I was really happy with the way my embossed vinyl turned out.

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Embossed glossy vinyl is a really?easy way to add some sophisticated shinecustomized gifts, texture, and color to a plain vase.

Want to give embossing vinyl a try? Here’;s everything you will need to make your own colorful embossed vases:

Step One –;?Emboss Vinyl.

Start by cutting your vinyl to the right size to fit in the embossing folder. For my folders, it was 4 inches x 5.5 inches. Place the vinyl in the embossing folder and run it through your embossing machine following the instructions that came with your machine.

Step Two –; Cut &; Apply.

Trim your embossed vinyl to the width you want for your vase. You will probably need two or more strips to wrap around your vase, so make sure you cut them to the same width. Peel off the backing, position the strip on the vase, and smooth it on with your fingers. Repeat the process with the next strip.

That’;s it! So easy, right?

I love the embossed look –; so simple and pretty! I found that the floral design showed up better on the smooth glass surfaces, but you can still see a subtle floral pattern on the copper can vase.

All that’;s let to do is fill your embossed vases with flowers and enjoy!

Happy Making!

I wanted?to do a?Halloween theme so I decided to bust out?my?power tools?and cut some Halloween ?Blocks for decoration.

Promising review: "I’ve bought two of these: One for my best friend, and one for my grandmother. They both loved them more than any other gift I’ve ever given them! My grandmother called me yesterday just to tell me that she loves it and has already read through it several times when she was feeling lonely. Definitely a great purchase for the sentimental people in your life!" —Katherine Watson

The metallic winds of change have been blowing through my kitchen this week. ?The shiny polished brass (which I still love) is being replaced with nickel for an update.? The song… “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold” – has been playing through my head as I work.

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