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Welcome back, my?Cutting Edge Stencils?friends.? Decorating for the Fall can be a fun and easy DIY project. All it takes is the combination of warm colors, touches of nature, and a hint of your favorite flower?pattern. Today we’;re sharing two Fall inspired home decor ideas using flower stencil patterns.

We’;d like to introduce Carole, a creative DIYer and avid gardener behind the blog Garden Up Green. Her blog offers uncomplicated gardening advice and garden inspired projects that are helpfulcustomized gifts, fun and easy to duplicate.?Sounds awesome, right? It gets even better. She used our Flower Stencils to craft some Fall themed garden decor and we are in love! Let’;s take a look.

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Carole chose to make a Fall inspired sign for her new shed. For this project, she used a piece of pine and a wood board that she had at home.? Carole stained the wood board using Waverly Chalk Paint in Moss. You can read about the staining process on her?blog here.? Once it was painted, she was ready to start?stenciling. Carole chose the extra small?Anemone Grande Flower Stencil, this pretty flower pattern adds a whimsical twist to any project.? She placed the flower stencil on the wood board and used painter’;s tape to hold it in place.? Carole painted the pattern in Waverly Chalk Paint’;s Truffle.? A simple screw holds the pine and wood board together. A copper colored ribbon was tied to the mason jar which was incorporated into the sign.? For more details about this project, please visit Garden Up Green.

Carole?didn’;t stop there! For her next project, she chose to make Fall inspired art using an embroidery hoop, our?Starburst Zinnia Flower Stencil, and dried flowers. You can find all of the details for this project on her blog but we’;re going to focus on the stenciling.??Carole chose the extra small?Starburst Zinnia Stencil, a modern take on the traditional zinnia flower.? She placed the flower stencil on the canvas material?and used painter’;s tape to hold it in place.? Carole painted the pattern in Waverly Chalk Paint’;s Truffle.? Once it was dry, she placed the stenciled fabric into the embroidery hoop and enhanced it with dried flowers.

If you love this project but you’;re more of visual tutorial fan, then you’;ll enjoy this quick video. See how Erika, our in-house creative guru,?crafted this Fall-inspired art using reclaimed wood, a small?Mandala stencil, and a mason jar!

Tell us, which Flower Stencil would you use to craft Fall inspired decor? Leave us a comment below, we’;d love to read your thoughts!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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