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The Holiday Season is upon us and I don’;t know about your kids, but mine get really into the spirit of Christmas. They make each other gifts to put under the Christmas tree and my daughter is always making little notes and such to give to her friends. Since I knew that she would soon be asking to use my paper stash, I thought it would be fun to come up with a kid-friendly Christmas card that she could make for her teacherscustomized gifts, Grandparents and friends! Read on to see the adorable DIY Hershey Kiss reindeer cards?that I created. There are two simple ways to make this card, and it is sure to be a kid favorite…; since it contains CHOCOLATE!

Isn’;t he adorable? I created him while my daughter was at school and when I showed the card to her when she got home she immediately asked if she could make one. So away we went to get crafting. Needless to say, she brought a card to her best friend the very next day.

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Using a pencil draw the head and antlers onto construction paper, using the above image as a guide.?Cut out the three pieces.Using a glue stick, adhere the three cut outs onto the front of the card.

Now adhere the google eyes.

Using a hot glue gun, adhere the Hershey Kiss to finish off Rudolph. Inside the card write a fun greeting such as “;Sending you tons of kisses this Christmas”; or “;Christmas Hugs and Kisses just for you!”; Super simple and easy for kids to make!

I also made the video below showing how I made these darling, yet simple reindeer cards.

Want an even easier version? Read on!

Simply use a white card and some markers to draw Rudolph’;s head and antlers. Add on some google eyes and a Hershey Kiss nose for another darling Christmas card!

I hope you enjoyed these super cute reindeer cards! Looking for more ideas? Check out this 5 easy Christmas cards post.

It seems only fitting to share this “Play In The Leaves” autumn craft art?during the first week of fall! The technique to make the background leaves is relatively easy with the aid of Spectrum Noir markers and some spritzed alcohol. Plus there’s always the element of surprise every time you pull back the paper to reveal your new creation. Let’s get started!

While flipping through a few of the catalogs, I came across these basket and really liked them. I loved the idea of the pom poms on the basket.

For many kids, having their own dirt bike is the ultimate dream. Dirt bikes are not only fun to ride, they can help build confidence and coordination as well. Shopping for a dirt bike for kids can be a challenge, because to a novice they all seem pretty similar.

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