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Did you know that the dreamcatcher originates with Spider Woman, known as Asibikaashi, who took care of the children and the people on the land? Legend has it that good dreams pass through the center of the web, while the bad dreams get caught. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use a night full of good dreams, so when my friend’s daughter asked if I would help her craft a DIY dreamcatcher for her new bedroomcustomized gifts, I readily agreed!

First you need to lay out your craft sticks and paints and protect your work surface. I like to use parchment paper, but wax paper or a plastic tablecloth would work just as well.

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Begin painting your craft sticks. You can get as creative as you’;d like with this step. We painted most of ours solid colors, but taped off a few with washi tape and painted some with diagonal stripes for a bit of whimsy.

Next you’;ll paint your wooden beads. For those who don’;t like to get their fingers dirty, we found that stuffing the end of a cotton swab into one end of the beads worked really well to hold them still and keep our fingers paint free!

While you wait for the paint to dry on your beads and craft sticks, you can begin making your pom poms and tassels. We followed the directions that came with the Easy Knitting Pom Pom Maker Set to create the pom poms. We wrapped around the tool a bunch of times to create poms that were really full and fluffy. After cutting them off the tool we gave them a good trimming.

My friend’;s daughter set about making the tassels. To make them you simply wrap the yarn around your hand (we wrapped around 30 times), then using a separate piece of yarn tie at the top to secure together, then to create the “;head”; simply wrap around the bundled part with another piece of yarn or baker’;s twine like we did.

We also tied feathers in groups of three onto long pieces of yarn to hang from the DIY dreamcatcher.

Once the paint is dry on your beads, string them onto your feathers, tassels and pom poms. Taping the ends of the yarn helps to keep it from unraveling.

Next, hot glue your sticks together to form your shape. We’;re pretty obsessed with hexagons right now, so that was our shape of choice. But you could make yours a square, octagon, or any other shape you’;d like. (Adult supervision is definitely recommended with this part!)

Now you’;re ready for the fun part –; creating your “;web!”; We cut several pieces of different colors of yarn into 40″; strands, which was very generous, but we didn’;t want to run out mid-way through. We also strung some beads to one piece of yarn to add some texture to the middle of the DIY dreamcatcher. You could easily leave them empty as well. To create your “;web,”; simply tie one end around a stick, then wrap back and forth around the center of the hexagon and with a knot. Wrap as many pieces as you’;d like to create your masterpiece!

Once you’;ve finished wrapping the yarn around your hexagon, it’;s time to add your feathers, tassels and pom poms. Simply tie them onto your shape, knotting tightly so they don’;t slip off.

Then stand back and admire your work!We had a fun afternoon making several different varieties of DIY hexagon dreamcatchers, and from what I hear, my sweet little friend has had nothing but good dreams since!

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