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Last week our 100 degree temperatures suddenly disappeared, and now it finally feels like fall. ?Time to make Miss S a cozy blanket for snuggling…;To get a custom feel without spending a bunch, use this DIY to make your bean his or her own stylish baby blanket. Use an adorable cotton fabric on one side, and compliment it with a cozy dose of snuggly softness on the other like fleece or minkee. ?Here’;s one I sent off to Miss Quinn (back before we knew she was a Miss!):

Now you try! ?Get the Simple Snuggly Baby Blanket DIY after the jump…;

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How to Sew a Simple Baby Blanket

1.?Prewashcustomized gifts, iron and cut your fabrics to your desired size, cotton for one side and?minkee?or something cozy on the other. ?I had a yard of?Echino Spring in Grey Lion?so I started with that. ?Lay your fabrics right-sides facing, smooth them nice and flat, then pin all the way around:

Then cut the excess fabric, leaving enough for a 3/4″; seam allowance:

4.?Turn your blanket and iron it flat, paying special attention to the edges to ensure your fabrics aren’;t rolling onto the wrong side. ?At the opening, fold the fabrics in, iron and pin in place:

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