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Now that summer is almost over, I’;m so ready to jump into creating some cute fall décor for my little apartment. This easy pumpkin DIY sequin pillow takes just a few minutes to assemble. It’;s perfect for an afternoon project, or to give as gifts to friends and family. You can definitely change it up with your own text or design too! Interested to see how I made it? Scroll down and find out how!

Step 1. Download the pattern and piece it together –; I printed mine on cardstock so it’;s easier to transfer onto the pillow cover surface.

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Step 2. Insert the pattern inside the pillow cover and trace the pattern using fabric chalk or even just a plain pencil. Of course if you are using a darker pillow cover it’;s easier to see if you use chalk in place of pencil instead.

Step 3. Heat up your glue gun and attach the sequin trim. Work on the middle section first (the stem and the middle circle) before proceeding with the outer lines. Make sure to seal the ends of the sequin trim with hot glue after every cut. Seal the ends as well before attaching a new line to make sure the sequins are secure. And you are done!

Optional:?Once you are done attaching the sequin trimcustomized gifts, you can choose to secure it furthermore with some gold thread, however that will add a few more minutes to the total project time.

With this DIY sequin pillow project idea, you can create different designs. Customize it with different sequin trim color and pillow cover colors too. Aside from this fall pumpkin, you can definitely create different designs and text for each season of the year –; I’;m planning to create some Christmas ones too for myself!

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