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customized gifts Gift Card Holders For Coffee Lovers personalised birthday gifts

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Enjoy little things like a warm cup of coffee spent on me! Make this little gift card holders to place a coffee gift card and some nice words.

Embellish them with cuttings from the Canvas Corp Beans and Bads paper collection, some burlap and coffee beans.

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Place your gift in the pocket created by one of the flaps and write a short message in a removable piece of the Journal lines on ivory Canvas Corp paper.

Materials used

Canvas Corp –; Rust &; Ivory French Linen Stripe

Canvas Corp –; Burlap Fringe –; Sand

Canvas Corp –; Coffee Stamps on Kraft

Canvas Corp –; Beans and Bags: Fill the Cup on Kraft

Canvas Corp –; Journal Lines on Ivory

Tattered angels –; Baseboard Mist Paint –; Coal

Canvas Corp –; Cord- Jute Balls Natural 225′;

Canvas Corp 12 x 12 Canvas Sheet –; Natural Canvas

Letter stamps

Brown ribbon

Tools used

Hot glue gun

Circle punch

Scoring board

Craft knife

Step 1 –; Cut a piece of the paper in 4x12in. Turn the back side and score every 3in on the length.

Step 2 –; From both sides of the long part cut a bit to allow correct fold of the flaps inside.

Step 3 –; Punch a hole with a circle paper punch on the left top side of the first flap. This opening will help to place and remove the gift card when it folds.

Step 4 –; Create a frame by removing a piece of right flap. Glue both flaps on all open sidescustomized gifts, except the top.

Step 5 –; Cut a piece of canvas 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 in and distress on edges with the Baseboard paint. Stamp the “;enjoy”; work on smaller canvas cuttings.

Step 6 –; A 12in long jute cord, set the half of it on the front of the card and glue the canvas after.

Step 7 –; Cut a piece of the burlap fringe and some brown ribbon and set the on the canvas. Add designs from the papers and glue some coffee beans.

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