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customized gifts Gift Wrap Ideas with a Winter Wonderland 3D Gift Wrap and Tag personalised birthday gifts

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This is a unique gift wrap idea…;…;3D gift wrap and tag! I was brainstorming a different way to approach handmade gift wrap ideas and realized this was a rather unique idea! –;?Diana Riukas

Wrap your box with kraft paper. ?You can buy it by the roll or re-use the paper grocery sacks if you can still get them at your grocery store.

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You can cut your snowflakes very detailed or simple like the ones shown. Remember no two snowflakes are alike so have fun and make them anyway you like.

Tiny Gift Wrapped Packages?

Linda Israel shows us another fun way to create little gift wrapped boxes for sweet tiny gifts.

You can wrap up little gifts or just?make these for fun and put them in a bowl, sleigh or under a little tree. ?

“;Needing tiny packages for a display I turned to making these little packages. Using cardboard, papercustomized gifts, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, paired with Ribbon, a Holy Leaf punch and some rhinestones, these little gifts make a big impact. One would think that there are precious items wrapped up inside. You would never know that these were solid cardboard. Make your own, here is an idea; have everyone write what blessing they are thankful for this Christmas and wrap that up inside. Years from now open them up and remember how blessed you were in 2016.”; –; Linda Israel

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Jen at Craft-O-Mania shows us another cool way to wrap with kraft and white, adding touches of crafty items that just work so well together.

Happy (almost) fall y’all! Hard to believe summer is already winding down, especially with the temperatures still beyond warm outside. I decided to beat the heat, and welcome the eventual changing of the season with this simple wood leaf embroidery hoop wreath! Follow along to learn how to make your own.

Do you know much about the amazing plant that gets us our sheets, clothes and even towels? If you don’t be prepared to get some knowledge.

What an amazing week of Spring and Easter projects with the Canvas Corp Brands Crew and Bella Blvd Design team. ?From banners and shadowboxes to layouts and mini books, the creativity goes on and on. ?We wrap up the week with more fantastic projects from our Crew.

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