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Some of my favorite gifts to give (and receive!) during the holiday season are books because after the insanity of holiday shopping, who doesn’;t need a few hours curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book? I usually like to include a little extra something when gifting books and, in the pastcustomized gifts, have usually bought bookmarks or nameplates to add. This year I’;ll be making these adorable glitter holiday bookmarks for all my friends and family! Follow along for my DIY bookmark tutorial.

Cut a 2″; x 8″; strip from both the memory book refills and the fusible paper pack.

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Position your desired words in the center of the bookmark. I found it super handy to just use the metal guide that’;s included with the Fuse tool.

Screw in the fusing tip to the Fuse Tool and plug in. Be careful because it heats up pretty quickly! Use the metal guide to fuse the edges of your Glitter Holiday Bookmarks. Don’;t forget to leave the top edge open for the glitter!

Make a small funnel out of scrap paper, insert it into the open edge, and pour glitter in. Shake the bookmark a bit to disperse the glitter. Add more if needed. Seal edge closed.

Use a small hole punch to add the silver string to the top of the bookmark and you’;re done!

I love how fun and festive these Glitter Holiday Bookmarks turned out and since they were so easy to make, I’;m planning on giving these to tons of people. Hope you enjoy making them too!

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