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I had the chance to try out the new Mod Podge Stencils, which are stencils specifically designed to work with Mod Podge to help you glitter-ize all kinds of crafts! ?Plaid sent me the Tangier stencil to show you how it works, and I used it to dress up these simple wooden earrings and give them a little bling in just a few minutes.

Here’;s what you will need to make your own glitter stenciled earrings:

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Adding stenciled glitter is actually really easycustomized gifts, but the key is to work really quickly.

First, line up your discs under your adhesive stencil so that both will be stenciled the same. ?stick it on really well –; you don’;t want any bleed under the stencil lines.

Use your spouncer to dab Mod Podge onto the disc. ?You will want a medium-heavy coat. ?Remove the stencil immediately while your Mod Podge is still wet. ?Sprinkle on your glitter. ?Allow it to dry. ?This actually doesn’;t take long –; in under ten minutes, mine was dry enough to brush off the excess glitter.

Now, assemble your earrings –; and you’;re ready to go!

It’;s awesome to be able to add glitter in an actual pattern like this. ?Glitter is tricky…; normally it tends to get everywhere! ?The stencils make it easy to get those clean lines. ?I’;ve chatted with some other crafty ladies who have worked with the stencils and the consensus is the same –; if you let the Mod Podge dry at all before adding the glitter, you will lose the crispness of the lines. ?Working on small, non-pourous pieces like these earrings will net you a better result.

What needs a little glitter on your craft table?

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