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Who knew Hardwood Flooring Installation would have so many decisions?

Just like when we got our pup Maybelline, I learned way more than I thought I needed to about Austrailian Multi-Gen Labradoodles. Well, hardwood flooring installation is like that. Unless you’;re a contractor, you’;re probably like me. I knew the basic color I?wanted and that’;s about it. Who knew I needed to choose a wood type, a sheen and most importantly I?learned the important difference between waterborne and oil based processes for staining and refinishing. I also have now learned about the importance of installed hypoallergenic carpet for the upstairs of my home. I would love to have hardwoods throughout my entire home, but it’;s not in the cards.

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Well…; like most things, there is actually a LOT to learn about installing hardwood floors. You can see where I’;ve shared how I chose a color, the type of wood and the installation process.

Since our hardwood flooring installationcustomized gifts,?visitors to our home always seem to have a few questions and, just like me, they had no idea. ??

I thought I’;d put together a few of the most asked questions along with their answers. Now keep in mind, I have partnered with Bona, so I may sound biased, but in reality, I’;m not. I know a good product when I see it, and I think it’;s important to pass along helpful information to?all of you!After making many mistakes with my old wood flooring, (like using a steamer or using vinegar) I switched over to all Bona floor cleaners exclusively way before my partnership. It’;s the perfect fit.

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While laminate flooring is less expensive, it’;s also only going to last you 15- 20 years. I thought we had laminate flooring because of the poor quality. The sheen was long gone and it was scratched in many areas. What I found out was that ours were actually an engineered hardwood, meaning that just a very small layer on the top was wood. The rest was composite. Translation CHEAP! I hated it! Understand the differences and make the right choice for your home, with this Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring Info page.


Since I was working with Bona Flooring, I worked closely with a Bona Certified Wood Flooring contractor here in Portland Oregon. Domino Hardwood Floors Inc. had all the sample stain colors for Bona DriFast Stains. I shared with Eddie the look I was going for which helped him suggest a couple of options. Because the samples were so small, he made up 3 larger mock wood flooring pieces in 3 different stains to help me decide. If you already have existing hardwood floors, and you want to change the color, you’;re in luck. Talk to your certified craftsman in your area for the best direction.?See Hardwood Flooring –; How to Choose a Color here for more details.??Find a certified craftsman in your area.??


Who knew there were so many choices? I always knew that some wood was harder than others because, in our old house, we had fir upstairs and that was a nightmare! Very soft and dented easily. I ended up choosing a Red Oak for the grain and for the imperfections. I wanted a slightly rustic look. I also needed something really durable since I have a dog and a teenager.


Installing hardwood flooring that isn’;t already cut and stained takes 2 or 3 weeks depending on a few factors. I explain all the details on how our hardwoods were installed here. You’;ll learn terms like Wood Climatizing and Water Popping. I had no idea!


If you’;re only refinishing your existing hardwoods, the timeline is much smaller. The bulk of the time will be spent sanding the wood. When you use Bona’;s Waterborne finishes, most only need 2-3 hours of dry time rather than 8-24 hours for an oil modified finish. Then you have the “;Cure Time”;. Oil based is 14-30 days, whereas?using a Bona Waterborne finish is only 7 days. Which means you’;ll want to wait before placing large area rugs or heavy furniture without padded leg protectors on.


I’;m a bit biased for using the Bona Waterborne finishes. They are proven to be more durable and resist wear and tear better than oil-modified finishes. They are less toxic and emit very low VOCs. We didn’;t have to remove the animals from our home during the process. We could also stay in the house if wanted. Since I work from home, I was right up the stairs the whole time during my hardwood flooring installation. I wasn’;t far from all the action and never once smelled anything unpleasant or was bothered by fumes or dust.


I learned that floor finishes are very similar to paint finishes. It’;s called sheen. I didn’;t want anything super shiny, but I didn’;t want them dull either. I went with the Satin sheen and I’;m loving it!


Maybe, but here’;s the deal. I figured I should be using a dust mop daily anyway, right? I want my floor to actually BE clean, and not just look clean. Even with a non-shedding dog, she still brings in dirt and dust as you can see in the photo above. It doesn’;t take long to use the microfiber dusting mop or the disposable dusting clothes.


Um…;. Bona Floor products are the ONLY products I trust with my new floors. I’;m currently using their new free &; simple? hardwood floor cleaner. “;Bona free &; simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner reduces irritants without compromising cleaning power.Its hypoallergenic formula delivers the same exceptional results Bona is known for, yet is free of dyes and scents. Certified asthma &; allergy friendly by the AAFA ensures a healthy home for you and your family.”;

I also like their Deep Cleaning solutions for the muddy season. Don’;t be like me and try homemade cleaners, especially any with vinegar on your wood floors. Or a steamer. Just don’;t. Save those formulas for your tile or linoleum floors.

If you have any questions that I didn’;t cover about Hardwood Flooring Installation, please leave them in the comments!

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This is a sponsored post with Bona Floors. All opinions about Bona, their products etc…; are 100% mine. I truly think Bona floor products are the best for caring for your floor.?

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