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customized gifts How to Turn a Clock into a Retro DIY Purse personalized christmas ornaments

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I’;ve had this idea in my head for a long time, and with Earth Day coming up it seemed like the perfect time to execute this upcycling project. ?I just adore my new DIY purse!

Made with a recycled old clock from the thrift store and wood purse box from Consumer Crafts, this retro DIY purse?is the perfect accessory for me. ?Hopefully you’;ll enjoy it as much as I do!

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Step one. Take apart the alarm clock. ?Save the bells on topcustomized gifts, the legs, and the arms. ?Save the rest for a different project on another day.

Step two. Spray paint the box and the clock pieces.

Step three. Drill holes to screw the clock pieces into the wood box.

Step four (optional).?Seal the project with the glaze spray if you want a high gloss finish.

I’;m going to finish off the inside with fabric and Mod Podge, as soon as I find the perfect retro fabric! ?If you don’;t want to use it as a purse it would make adorable craft room storage. ?You could also turn it into a super cute jewelry box. ?And the rest of the clock? ?My daughter and I have a fun idea for what to do with the frame. ?Stay tuned!

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