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We moved into our new home on one of the hottest days of the summer. Our four-man moving crew worked so hard that day, and I was beyond exhausted from cleaning and packing. Then I heard these fateful words: “;We can’;t get your bed up the stairs.”;

The queen box spring stood no chance. My extra-deep queen mattress was a tight squeeze, but it would fit if we really tried. But I was more concerned about getting it back down when it was time to buy a new one.

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I threw my hands in the air and admitted defeat.

**These are the stairs in question. This old 1940s home has very narrow doors and entrances.? I had ripped up the carpet and painted. Finished *after* photos are coming very soon!**

Without hesitation, I asked the movers to just put the bed in the garage. I would deal with it later.? Dealing with it later meant sleeping on a child-sized mattress for two nights, followed by an air mattress for nearly two months after that.

I was so overwhelmed with all of the other major decisions being made with the house, that I somehow decided that an air mattress was a viable long-term solution. I couldn’;t decide whether I wanted a split box spring or a platform bed. What kind of headboard did I want? Then there were the zillion options and price points for mattresses. I was overwhelmedcustomized gifts, so I did nothing.

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A friend told me about the mattress in her guest bedroom (which I had slept on before, quite comfortably). She said that she ordered it on Amazon. It came rolled up and was delivered to her front door. After reading online reviews and doing TONS of research, I ended up purchasing this very budget-friendly setup.

UPDATE, since people asked. Here are sources for my bedding:

When the mattress arrived, I was surprised by how small the box was. But what it lacked in size, it more than made up for in weight. This box was heavy. If you are going up stairs, this is definitely a two person job.

The mattress was easy enough to unpack. Once I got the roll out of the box and onto the bed frame, it was pretty simple. Just be sure you have the mattress right-side-up before you cut the plastic. Once you cut the plastic, you will hear a hissing sound as the pressure is released and your mattress expands.

The bed frame was another story. I consider myself to be an *Ikea Expert* and have assembled more furniture than I care to admit. This bed frame was actually really easy to assemble. It was just a little bit time-consuming, since I had to screw in all of the metal slats by hand. I was more than willing to do this, since the frame was delivered straight to my front door with free Prime shipping.

That was probably the best part of this whole experience: not needing to set up home delivery with the furniture store. Who has time for that?!?

I purchased this particular mattress because it’;s what my friend had purchased. But I also took plenty of time to do my own online research.

I was especially fascinated with the variety of options for mattress depth. I ended up purchasing a 12-inch mattress with an additional foam topper. I usually sleep alone (unless one of the kids sneaks into bed with me –; more often than I care to admit). With my size, I could have easily purchased a 10-inch mattress. But there wasn’;t a vary large price jump between the 10 and the 12, so I bought the 12.

If you are a larger person or share the mattress with a partner, definitively go with the 12-inch.

If you have strong opinions on mattresses, that’;s great. I just can’;t imagine any universe in which I would need to sleep on a $1000 mattress. That’;s just not me. I am extremely pleased with my mattress choice. Plus, at this price-point, I think this mattress is a phenomenal value.

I also purchased a foam topper and a mattress protector. The mattress protector is an absolute must, since I have allergies. I thought the foam topper might be a bit excessive at first. I actually slept a few nights without it, and then I put it on the bed. I still feel like I could go either way, but I feel like the bed is just a tad cooler and softer with the foam topper.

That’;s it. After suffering away for nearly two months on an air mattress, I finally made a decision on a new bed. I couldn’;t be happier with my decision.

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