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customized gifts Measuring Your Mattress- Size Explained Plus Matching Bed and Bedding Sizes funny cushion covers

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When many first time bed buyers come to purchase their very own mattress, bed and bedding it can all seem a bit baffling when choosing the right size comes into play. There are a wide variety of bed and mattress sizing measurements to suit different sleeper’s requirements and this also influences bedding sizes that adorn and decorate each individual bed space we make.

It may seem a little confusing at first, but once you understand the sizing basics you’ll be easily able to match both a bed and bedding to your chosen mattress with ease. ? There are many different manufactured mattresses available both in store and onlinecustomized gifts, many of which come in two size types known as standard and european. They both follow the same general sizing titles such as single to double and king size mattresses, however they differ in dimension. The European mattresses vary slightly due to their different manufacture making them slightly larger in surface size than that of standard mattresses as you can see in the chart here.

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In some specialist bed stores you can acquire mattresses and beds in sizes outside of the standard bed size range such as small doubles and small single beds. These beds in particular are specially tailored to suit specific bedroom shapes and sizes so this may be useful to bear in mind if you want a bed to suit a particular space.

It’s fairly easy to match the appropriate size mattress to a bed of choice, due to the fact that all beds and mattresses following the same sizing titles as guides. So whether you choose a standard or european size bed, all you have to do is find the co-ordinating size mattress to match it as both will be specially tailored to fit each other perfectly. However if you are worried you can find the specific bed and mattress measurements or product details from the store you are purchasing from to ensure both accurately fit. ? ?

The final finishing touch to add to your bed space is of course the bedding, dressing it up how you’d like to match your chosen style in the bedroom. Finding the right bedding size to match both a bed and mattress is easy as it again follows the same sizing titles such as single to double and more.

This makes it easy for you to co-ordinate your bedding choice to the size of bed or mattress that you have.? Though keep in mind bedding sizes also tailor to both standard and European and therefore the size measurements may vary and buying the wrong one may prevent your bedding from fitting properly.

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