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customized gifts Mini Pinatas- Party Decor, Entertainment, Favors…All in One! customized gifts for kids

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Pinatas are a spring and summer party staple, but the big ones are time-consuming (and messy!) to make. Why not make minis? Party decor, party entertainmentcustomized gifts, party favors…;all in one! I will show you how to make a pinata that is quick and fun to make yourself!

The supplies are easy to gather! All you’;ll need is:

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Start by cutting out the shape of your pinata. Any solid shape will do. I went with about a 4″; circle. Also cut strips that are the depth of your desired pinata and long enough to go all the way around the perimeter. Mine were about 3/4″; wide.

Punch a small hole into your edging strip. Thread your twine through and knot it to create a hanging loop.

Tape it securely.

Tape the strips at a 90 degree angle to your shapes.

Tape both sides all the way around, leaving just enough room to fill your mini pinata.

Loose treats or small packaged treats are equally useful here.

Then, seal it up with more tape!

Cut strips with your desired colors of tissue paper.

Fold the strips and cut fringe!

You want to apply the fringe from the outside working in, so start applying glue around the edge.

And then keep moving around toward the center.

Here, I’;ve switched from red around the edge to orange toward the center.

And yellow in the center. To finish the center of my pinata flower, I balled tiny bits of yellow tissue and glued them on.

Ta da! Ready to be used as a party favor, decoration, entertainment element or package topper!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. This is such an easy project that would be great to do with children! You could even make mini versions if you need a group children’s craft.

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