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As they gain a strong following across the country, Napier design duo Bibby Brady make their new home in one of the city’s iconic art deco buildings

In a place famed for its architecture, it seems only natural that a Napier duo who transform and enhance people’s homes is based in one of the town’s most recognisable buildings.

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What was once the guardhouse at the iconic Rothmans factory is now the showroom for Bibby Brady, an interior design company run by locals Vic Bibby and Dael Brady.

When the pair joined forces, they were originally based in Vic’s living room. But Bibby Brady grew so quickly it was soon time to set up a showroom. In February this year they opened the doors to their own space in the suburb of Ahuriri.

“It was time to grow our business and take it to the next level,” says Dael. “When we were offered this building it was on such a good street in the bustling area of Ahuriri that we jumped at the chance. We wanted more of a presence in Napier and for local people to get to know us better.”

A showroom provides a face-to-face service to clientscustomized gifts, which is the perfect complement to their already popular e-design service which allows customers to consult with Bibby Brady by email, Skype and FaceTime (“People can walk through their home, videoing it while they’re talking to us about what changes they want to make,” says Dael).

Although visitors to the Bibby Brady showroom won’t find a retail shop there, they will discover a selection of homeware, soft furnishings, lighting and furniture that can be ordered from Vic and Dael.

Some items such as artwork, lampshades and pouffes can be bought through the Bibby Brady online shop, while larger pieces of furniture can be ordered. “The showroom is a chance for people to come in and talk to us, and view fabric samples or furniture in the flesh.?We like to use lots of colour and pattern. We always try to introduce a bit of funinto people’s homes.”

Get in touch with Vic and Dael?here.

Words by: Catherine SteelPhotos by: Sarah Horn


Bibby Brady’s services range from a complete interior re-design to a colour consultation or helping people find the right sofa.


the showroom gives customers a taste of Bibby Brady’s interior.


A ‘Pink Ice Cream’ print by Debbie Carlos catches the eye on an inspiration board inside the Bibby Brady showroom.


Vic Bibby (left) started her blog Cush and Nooks before joining forces with Dael Brady.


fashion accessories, such as these tassel necklaces, are available to order, along with homeware, soft furnishings, artwork, lighting and furniture.


A Mudwiggle print.



customers can visit the showroom to see which textiles and arrangements work best together, from artwork to cushions and furniture.



The striking exterior of the showroom, once the guardhouse for the iconic art deco Rothmans factory.

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