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customized gifts National Look-Alike Day — Find Purple’s Coolest Props sofa pillow covers

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In honor of National Look-Alike Day, we teamed up with our amazing set designer, Chloe, to find out where she got some of the most-requested?props and decor in our videos. Now you can have a super awesome Purple bedroom!

Of all of our awesome videos, there are two that stand out when it comes to people wanting to know where we got the goods: The Purple? Sheets commercial with Olan Rogers, and the PowerBase commercial with Johnny and Rosiecustomized gifts, the robots.

pillow cases solid

Obviously I can’t tell you where to get Olan himself, but the room we set up for him was pretty epic. Why not let your inner kid shine through while still rocking all the best features of a grown-up bedroom?

This one came from a thrift store, but you can find similar items with a Google search (most seem to be on Etsy and Ebay)!

Paladone PAC-MAN Ghost Light USB Powered Multi-colored Lamp…;because every night should be Throwback Thursday.

“Rawr.” It means “I love you” in inflatable tiger language.

Because everybody loves unicorns.

Fantastic by themselves, but Chloe really stepped up their game when she added this contact paper to the back.

These come as solid pine and you can paint them however you please!

This is by far our most requested item. Chloe got?it secondhand, but was kind enough to provide the link above to where you may be able to get one brand-spankin’-new!

A few other fun props around the room to get your inner kid and actual kids totes excited:

Rechargeable LED Robot Night Light

Lite Brite Magic Screen

Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Rubik’s Cube Game

They have the best technology where it counts, but their decorating style is chalk-full of trendy nostalgia. With a mid-century-modern-meets-future theme throughout, you can’t go wrong with these timeless pieces.

What a great way to get a splash of color to bring the whole room together!

IKEA PS Maskros Pendant Lamp — Chloe removed the paper and painted the spindles gold. Either way you display it, it’s a must-have.

Our handy-dandy designer made this beauty herself using 1” x 2” lumber?and screws, then finished it with a walnut wood stain. There are lots of tutorials for similar walls online.

Simple, yet darling…;am I right?

A shiny neutral always makes a great centerpiece…;and?you know it makes you want to play a good old-fashioned game of Pick-Up Sticks.

This simple set can be so versatile! Arrange them however you want and you can use them in several different decor themes.

The nightlight of the future! A fun break from the Mid-Century modern of the rest of the room, it’s a nightlight you (or your kids) can take so you don’t bump into things on your midnight bathroom trip.

This one wasn’t shown much in the video, but it was on the set and one of my personal favorites!

Just like the beautiful headboard and the ice cream cone cookie jar from the first room, thrift shopping can turn up some pretty awesome treasures. So many of our props and set pieces are found by diligent hunting through second-hand stores and local sales sites.

For a look as unique as you are, “Upcycling” is a great and super fun way to reuse what you’ve already got or what you find secondhand.

Just as Chloe did with the dandelion light fixture and the nightstands, you take one thing and turn it into something new and you. For example, turning your old white desk lamp into an epic artichoke!

Speaking of doing it yourself, there are oodles and gobs of ideas and tutorials online for all sorts of amazing home decor. Pinterest and similar websites are great for finding ideas and they’ll often lead you to Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorials. If not, with the virtually infinite interweb, almost any tutorial is just a good search engine description away.

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