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customized gifts Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide personalized pillow cases vintage

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This year, we’ve made your gift list for you – and don’t worry, we’ve checked it twice. Holiday shopping can be the most stressful thing about the season. We’ve made sure that you can pick the perfect present without leaving your couch.Our holiday gift guide features new silky and soft sleepwearcustomized gifts, adorable accessories, deliciously scented soap sets, stunning jewelry, tabletop décor, and more.

Terrific Totes:

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1-2. Kelley Tote –; Inspired by Annie’s friend Kelley. When traveling to India with Annie, Kelley used a wine tote as her travel bag and the separate compartments made it easy to organize all of her belongings. Our Kelley bag is perfect if you’re looking for more organization, or if you need a little help carrying 4 bottles of wine to your holiday party ??3. Mod Canvas Tote4. City Canvas Tote5. Glam Canvas Tote

Snuggly Sleepwear:

1-2. Ines Sateen Pajamas*3. Frosted Fleece Long Robe*4. Frosted Fleece Shortie Robe*5. Bennett White Robe6. Harlow Robe*


1-2. Claudette Necklace*3. Ream Moonstone Earrings4. Lucille Earrings5. Martin Earrings*6. Allura Bracelet*7. Reese Bracelet*8. Zara Bracelet*

Tabletop accessories:

1. Contour Bowls2. Holi Platter*3. Lotus Plates

Gifts for everyone:

1. Glam Hide Clutch*2. Omega Shave Brush &; Lightfoot’s Shave Soap Set3-4. Stuffed animals

*More colors available online.

Have a few gift ideas for this year? Share with us in the comments below!

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