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Michelle Lau from style journal A Minute Away From Snowing is a new mother who knows the importance of safe sleeping for her baby boy Finn.

It’s 3am and I finally have a baby sleeping soundly safely in his cot.

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It’s been a week of wakeful nights, days on autopilot, and moments in between where I feel as if my heart could explode with a love that could only be described as crazy beautiful.

I’m nearly four months into this journey called ‘motherhood’. It’s the best – and hardest – thing I have ever done; and a role that constantly demands more from me than I think I’m able to give.

The first six weeks were a blur. It was exhausting and exhilarating, foreign but also familiar. I was surprised but comforted at how my natural instincts just kicked in. You learn so much about yourself in those first foggy weeks – and I learnt very quickly that it’s a job you can’t quit when it gets ‘too hard’; and one you have to show up for even on days you weren’t feeling it.

Then, as the newborn fog finally liftedcustomized gifts, I started to get the hang of this new mum thing. And mornings with Finn have easily become my favourite part of the day, especially after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is a huge thing in our household. A safe and sound night’s rest is something that’s always at the top of my list for Finn – as well as for my husband and I, as we both work long hours and I run my own business. With winter upon us, it’s been tricky adjusting to the change in weather to ensure Finn gets the sleep he needs. The days have become cold, and the nights even more chilly, but I love that Sheridan has all our essentials covered.

It gives me peace of mind that Sheridan – the first Australian bed linen partner of SIDS and KIDS - is devoted to premium quality while ensuring a safe sleeping environment for babies.

First, when it comes to our morning walk around the neighbourhood, we never leave home without a beautiful blanket as he drifts off to the land of nod in his pram. As evening falls, I pop Finn into the Tottie romper or Ashah bodysuit after a warm bath. I love the softness and breathability of cotton and the bee print is too cute! When it’s time for bed, the Baby Sleep Bag keeps Finn warm (and asleep!) as the temperature dips overnight.

It gives me peace of mind that Sheridan – the first Australian bed linen partner of SIDS and Kids – is devoted to premium quality while ensuring a safe sleeping environment for babies. Finn has slept in his cot since the day we brought him home, and these beautiful cloud print sheets have become the perfect companion for a comfortable night’s sleep.

When the sun rises, I pick Finn up from the cot to start our day, and he always greets me with a wide smile. It’s these kinds of moments that show me the magic – and reward – in motherhood. Seeing the whole world through his eyes and showing him the world through mine has become my guiding light, my purpose in life, and the very thing that makes this journey – and job – worth showing up for each and every day.

Friday 24th June is Red Nose Day, the annual fundraiser for SIDS and Kids. Sheridan proudly supports Red Nose Day, committed to the safety and wellbeing of their most precious little customers.

The Sheridan Kids and Baby Collection is now available in their 35 David Jones Kids and Baby concepts Australia wide.

This can happen just as easily outside of the classroom: Parents and babysitters can set up a DIY Montessori space at home to keep kids thinking and playing over the summer. Or for any time of year, really. But we think it’s an especially useful summertime hack: “Work,” the Montessori word for an activity, is usually centered around analog toys that require focus, meaning kids (and adults) can take breaks from hot and noisy parks and pools, and loud and noisy blaring screens. To find the best toys for young creative minds, we consulted with Rika Motohashi, a longtime Montessori teacher in Vancouver. Here’s her advice on what to get.

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