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Yesterday I shared a paint technique using Maison Blanche LeDirt. ?If you missed it, you can see it HERE. ?And, today, I want to talk to you about the pumpkins you saw in that post. ? Can you believe these painted pumpkins had been bright orange plastic pumpkins?

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When you have the right colors to work with, transforming a bright orange plastic pumpkin into a more realistic looking fairytale pumpkin is easy!? ?Here’;s what mine looked like.

Now that’;s a bright orange pumpkin! ?You may need to put on your sunglasses to look at the screen –; hacustomized gifts, ha!!! ?I got it at Target. ?I liked the shape, but that bright orange color –; not so much! ?I got the smaller pumpkin, shown on the books in the first photo, at Michaels and it was also bright orange.

So, here’;s what I used on the large orange pumpkin –; Maison Blanche La Chaux in Candied Yam! ?It’;s the perfect shade for a muted Cinderella or Fairytale pumpkin! ?It only needed one coat of paint and once it was dry, I waxed the entire pumpkin with clear antique wax. ?After about 20 minutes, I went back and used white lime wax and dry brushed on some highlights.

For the smaller pumpkin, I used Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint in Miel. ?Again, it only took one coat. ?Once the paint was dry, I used the La Chaux Candied Yam and dry brushed over the Miel to give the pumpkin color some depth. ?When the paint was completely dry, I gave it a coat of clear wax for protection.

Here are my two inspiration pumpkins from the farmer’;s market.

And, here are my painted pumpkins! ?No, not an exact match, but pretty close! ?I ?love how they turned out! ?Much better than bright orange for sure!!! ? And, next fall I won’;t need to stress out when I can’;t find pumpkins at the market in time for my fall home tour, because I’;ll have these faux ones to use!

Thanks for stopping by today! ?As always, I’;m so thankful when you share my posts with your friends on social media!

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