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Flamboyant and luxe this girl's bedroom is the epitome of the latest trends; featuring lots of different tactile textures, luxury furnishings and on-trend colours which will make them the envy of all the friends.

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Tom boy may not be politically correct these days but we have to admit that not all girls are 'into' princess themes and bubble gum pink – they much prefer less fuss and yet still want a bedroom which hits all the right interior trend buttons. Plenty of shelving allows for displays of personal art and/or pop art.

This may be red ,with a pinkish huecustomized gifts, teamed with white, but it reeks style and sophistication which is ideal for the modern Miss. Chill out areas and the latest mod cons help bring this stylish bedroom bang up to-date. Dalmatian designs sit comfortably with a hint of football to help the ageing processes run smoothly. Young lady's like to be modern but sometimes they have trouble letting go of the cuddly comforts of their past.

Adult, modern colours highlight the stylish simplicity of this trendy bedroom. It has a mature approach which suits many teenage girls who are adamant that they're beyond the cuddly toys and 'ohh so cute' stage in their life.

With the frigid temperatures much of the country is experiencing right now, we can hardly say spring is in the air. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t on our minds. The impending launch of our spring catalog has us dreaming in vivid color — and beckoning spring’s arrival. In the meantime, we got together with Karen Mooney, our Senior Vice President of Brand Management, to chat about the new catalog?and some of our favorite looks.

Last weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch. ?I picked up a couple of bunches of dried corn, not sure yet what I would do with them – I had so many ideas. ?I needed a centerpiece for our coffee table ottoman and kitchen table, so I started there. I love incorporating natural elements, especially for fall. It’s so rustic & beautiful. The dried corn centerpiece adds a pop of fall color to our home.

Hello fans of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body! I'm Cindy from diy beautify and I'm back with another thrifty DIY home decor project tutorial for you.

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