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customized gifts Whisper Wingback by Phil Cater Design personalised mothers day gifts

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At first sight the chair resembles a seater in a public airplane, but the british designer tells us it is far more comfortable.

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From Phil Cater Design:

Settle down in the chair the surrounding noise softens to a whisper sheltered by wings. Offering privacy and comfortcustomized gifts, sit back and make that important call or relax and let the world go by. Feel secure and sheltered and communicate in comfort and style.

Whisper is a mix of traditional techniques and a distinctive profile that is enhanced by superb upholstery detailing. Whisper’s shape and form provide excellent and inviting levels of comfort, complemented by a family of low backed sofas and tables, for a myriad of uses and spaces.

The matching steel legged tables are finished with a solid ash table top and provide greater versatility for any meeting space.


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