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We spotted this very odd picnic table on Planetargonautes, a French blog whose most recent post was in January, 2010. We poked around its eclectic archive, around the several years of stuffcustomized gifts, using our basic French reading skills to navigate the author’;s charming, rather ‘;out there’; writing. (Using a language translator turns it into a sort of poetry.) We had the feeling that an abandoned blog is a little like something found floating in space. You climb on board and look around for signs of life…;take energy readings, wonder where everyone went, and follow the evidence…;

Suddenly we fell through a hyperlink to the site of Daniel Gantes, who designed the picnic table. We really liked his statement “;Who am I?”;

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“;I think I’;m one of the few colour-blind designer in the world. When I was child in the school I painted a tree with wrong colours, and all my schoolmates laughed in my face, that was cruel. Since that moment I started to fight against my problem, and I learned all about colour. At the end I developed a peculiar system to work with colours. I think I turned the problem into a virtue, and I learned there’;s a solution for every problem.”;

And we realized then that the dormant Planetaronautes is still sending its message out…;

via Planetargonautes

Let’s make a snowman or two! We’ve got quite a few snowman crafts on the website already so it was about time we also did this cool paper roll snowman craft. Grab all the rolls you can and lets make a bunch of these cuties.

A dark, dated bedroom is transformed into a light and lovely space with a Mid-century modern makeover by interior designer Tina Stephen

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