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ellen silverman

We switched over to homemade food gifts for the holidays many, many years ago, and each year we find ourselves in the kitchen with the same tried-and-true recipes. But the repetition doesn’;t come from a laziness or a lack of inspiration—over the years we’;ve found that our friends and family look forward to these giftscustomized gifts, enjoying the tradition rather than hungering for something new. We’;re getting ready to make this year’;s batch, and hope some of these recipes and ideas serve you (and your loved ones) well, starting with our favorite: alt-malted milk balls (above)…;

burlap throw pillow covers

…;homemade chocolates for improvising

ellen silverman

…;tuscan herb salt

maria robledo

…;lemon-scented olive oil

sally schneider

…;dark chocolate cakelets

sally schneider

…;prunes in armagnac

ellen silverman

…;homemade peanut butter cups

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One of the most popular colors for home decor, blue is extremely versatile, making it perfect for bedrooms. Serene and calming. Bright and bold. Blue has the ability to completely transform your room into a sleepy sanctuary or an inspiring escape. This guide will highlight a few blue bedroom ideas to help you update your space.

If you thought chalkboards were just for schoolrooms, think again. These wipe-off writing surfaces make handy helpers around the home, too.

Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.? It’s no surprise that homeowners are looking to bring a touch of nature indoors using rustic or other nature inspired elements.? Our nature inspired wall patterns make accomplishing this goal easy and affordable.? Today we’re sharing how simple it is to give an accent wall a tree wallpaper look using our Birds In Trees Allover Stencil.? Come take a look.

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