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personalised gifts for men 13 stylish bedside tables that you'll love waking up to sofa pillow covers

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Does yours hold a reading light and stacks of books? Or just a simple glass of water? Bedside tables can be a very personal choice. Create your ideal set-up with these bedside beauties

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Three postbox, $99.95, from Mocka.


Raffles bedside table, $349, from Freedom.


Luca Copenhagen bedside table, $299.99personalised gifts for men, from Farmers.


Dakota bedside table, $795, from Republic Home.


Bowen bedside table, $199, from Freedom.


Santorini bedside table, $499, from Farmers.


Parquet bedside table, $375, from Target.


Locka bedside table, $89.95, from Mocka.


Morrison bedside cabinet, $345, from Shut The Front Door.


Compound bedside cabinet, $990, from Citta.


Max open bedside table, $1095, from Bauhaus.




Dakota cool grey bedside table, $149.90, from Bed Bath &; Beyond.

Compiled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Richard Powers/ArcaidImages

Innovative advances in technology have resulted in a lot of new material products put to use within the sleep industry. Since searching for a comfortable pillow to aide in a truly restful night can be a challenge, you probably have come across a seemingly endless supply of different pillows from which to choose from. This can become overwhelming very quickly and may leave you with choices that you are still unsure of- especially if you have been trying to choose from more recently introduced products.

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