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Have you been thinking about switching to a more organic and sustainable lifestyle, but are not sure where to start? Chemicals have made their way into our lives through the food we eat and the products that we use at alarming rates. There are more than 80,000 chemicals produced and used in the United States. Of those 80personalised gifts for men,000 chemicals, only 200 have been tested (which is less than 1%), and only five have been regulated to any standard.

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We understand the transition to a healthier lifestyle can be extremely overwhelming.

Over the next four weeks, we are going to help guide you in making those healthy decisions that matter the most. We’re challenging you to transition four areas of your day to day life that are affected by chemicals, and give you our non-negotiable organic choices! Are you up to our organic challenge?

May 6 –; May 10

May 13 –; May 17

May 20 –; May 24

May 27 –; May 31

Stay tuned to our social channels for weekly updates on our Organic Challenge and tag us on Instagram, or Facebook to show us how you are living a healthier lifestyle with our organic non-negotiables!

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Sewing for the holidays should be fun, and not add stress to an already often hectic season. We’d like to make it even easier for you by clueing you in on five super simple sewing projects that can be made in an afternoon, easy enough to replicate for any number of gifts or decor for the season. They’ll be so perfect and original, no one will know they didn’t come straight from the hands of elves, delivered down the chimney from Santa himself.

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