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Contemplating designing or redesigning your baby’s room? In collaboration with Babies R US, we’re here to help! This Sunday, June 29th, join me and other pensive parents at your local Babies R US to meet with design-experts and parents alike for inspiration on how to turn you child’s room into not only their happy place, but a jubilant place for you, too.

If you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed that Wednesday night we hosted the wild Babies R US’ Happy Place Twitter Party with @disneybaby and @thecandidbelle. We talked about nursery design including buy vs. DIYpersonalised gifts for men, and the most popular project we shared was my SIL Stevee’s pink painted thift store camel.

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So why are we doing all this? No, not for cash, ha. We adore all things Babies R US, but we are also in cahoots with them to design a magical room for my adorable niece and nephew, Jojo and Johnny.

OMG, my niecey and nephew are insane-cute right? They might be the only two siblings who are also BFFs and never fight. No for real, they never fight. Yes, it’s weird. But awesome.

You’ve heard us gab about Stevee before, right? If not, Stevee is my sister-in-law –; our husbands are identical twins, blah, blah blah. If you know who Stevee is, than you know she recently moved across the country with her husband, two kids and basset hound and is currently drowning in setting up house in Los Angeles, a few blocks away from me. Before moving, Stevee literally ditched everything she owned in hopes of a fresh start in sunny CA. So, when Babies R US approached us about redesigning a toddler’s room with their products and a little DIY enguintuity we had a million ideas. Can you guess what we are going to do with this?

This Sunday, we?will be at our?local Babies R US?on La Cienega in Los Angeles?to not only offer design tips, tricks and plans, but to also brainstorm and bounce design-ideas around with other parents. Come meet us!

We can’t wait to share the big reveal of Stevee’s boy-and-girl shared kids’ room in August. Do you have any tips for share boys-girls rooms? If so, leave them in the comments then when we use them we will thank you in our post.

Oh, also, did we mention they’re will be in-store giveaways and prizes on Sunday?!!? Cause their will, you should go. See you Sunday!

Lastly, I folded the bottom edge under a 1/2 inch and then another inch, sewed it in place, then ironed it flat.? (But make sure to try it on your little girl to see how long you’d like it…..then hem the dress.)

Each year I meet fall with hesitation and anticipation. Spring brings so much hope, I love how relaxed summer is and having more time with the girls, and fall adds routine, color and beautiful temperatures. Winter, however, I’m not a fan of and it seems our falls are always far shorter than our winters in Missouri.

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