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My daughter has one favorite blanket that she insists on sleeping with every night, but after two years it’;s a little stained and run-down. What she seems to love about it is thesoft coziness on one side and cool silkiness on the other. It was a fancy, generous gift (thanks Stella!) so instead of buying a new onepersonalised gifts for men, I was hoping to be able to replace it by making one myself. Did I succeed? Let’;s see what Scarlet thinks…;It’;s a simple two sided blanket, but adding satin binding is a little tricky, learn how to sew a Silky Baby Blanketafter the jump…;DIY Silky Baby Blanket with Mitered Corners

1. Pre-wash and cut your fabrics. I used a cute owl fleece I found at JoAnne’;s and some pink poly-satin. I cut my blanket to 43″;X36″; which is sort of random but it worked. them together wrong-sides facing:

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