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Freestanding lace embroidery designs are so very popular, and there are so many choices of designs to stitch. Some projects are stitched completely using only thread, and the same color thread is used in the needle and bobbin.

Also popular is to combine freestanding lace with appliqué. There are so many designs to create projects—from bowls to villages, tea light holders to 3D lace holiday décorpersonalised gifts for men, jewelry, gift bags and ornaments, just to name a few.

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The freestanding lace jewelry caught my eye and?I decided to accessorize with the great freestanding lace collection of bracelets. They are perfect for a festive occasion. I couldn’t make just one, so I made a few for my friends!

I used the BERNINA 880 PLUS embroidery machine and the Large Oval embroidery to stitch out the lace bracelet designs.

BERNINA 880 PLUS Embroidery Machine

BERNINA Drop-Shaped Embroidery Foot # 26

BERNINA Large Oval Hoop

Freestanding Lace embroidery design: OESD Design Collection #12628 Freestanding Lace Bracelets and Cuffs (I used embroidery design 12628-04 Freestanding Lace Bracelet 1)

OESD AquaMesh Wash Away Stabilizer

Isacord Embroidery Thread –; Use the same embroidery thread in the bobbin as the needle.

OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth (optional)

80/12 Embroidery needle


Jewelry hardware:

Step 1. Load the freestanding lace design

At the embroidery machine, load the freestanding lace design.

Tip: If you want to stitch out more than one you can load each additional design and position in the hoop. ?I was able to stitch out three bracelets in one hooping.

If you want to see the thread choices that you are using, you can select the Colors Tab which displays thread brands and color number. and you can make changes to them on the machine screen.

You can easily make changes to the design colors directly on the screen.

Step 2.Threading the Machine

When stitching freestanding lace designs, you will want to use a matching thread color in the needle and the bobbin. Thread the machine and the bobbin with your first thread color.

Tip: I like to use a bobbin thread color that will work with most of the thread colors chosen to avoid changing bobbins for every single color change.

Step 3. Prepare your hoop for stitching

Hoop two layers of OESD AquaMesh Water Soluble Stabilizer. The two layers of AquaMesh will hold the stitches securely during the embroidery process, and after the stitching is complete it will be rinsed away with water.

Attach the hoop to the machine.

Step 4. Stitch out the design

With your design (or designs) positioned in the hoop, it is time to stitch.

The machine will stop and prompt you to change thread colors as needed. Press the Start/Stop Button and stitch out the design.

Continue until all desired designs are finished.

Step 5. Remove stabilizer

When finished stitching, remove the project from the hoop. Cut away most of the excess AquaMesh Stabilizer.

Rinse the lace bracelet under warm water. Allow the project to air dry, or place on the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth, cover with a terry cloth and press dry.

Step 6. Attach jewelry hardware

Attach one jump ring to the loop at bracelet end and close. ?Attach additional jump rings to the first if needed for additional length.

Attach one part of the toggle clasp to the jump rings. Repeat on the other side of the bracelet.

Your lace bracelet is ready to wear!

Bet you can’t make just one!

For Stiffer Lace:

?For Very Soft Lace:

Drying Lace

Hello friends! You may remember that this time last year, I participated in the Knock Out Knock Off series with some of my very talented friends {click here to see my other knock off projects}! #knockoutknockoffs Well, it’s that time again this year! Since May I have beenparticipating in the Knock Out Knock Off series with a phenomenal group of talented bloggers. Each month, we will be bringing you knock off projects from some of your favorite retailers: Anthropologie, Land of Nod, CB2 and Crate and Barrel. This month, we are tackling projects inspired by CB2. Buckle your seat belts….you are in for a treat! BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PROJECTS FROM MY FRIENDS AT THE END OF THIS POST–THEY ARE AWESOME!

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