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I’;m a massive fan of water colour painting and combined with my own hand drawn sketches I just love the finished look. A journal page doesn’;t always have to be about spraying and creating layered backgrounds, amazing as that is, sometimes it’;s a much more simple approach which gives the greatest pleasure.? This page is simply made using a pen, my imagination and some Tattered Angels?mist?sprays. ?Tattered Angels Calendar Kits are made of 4 different paints and there are kits for the holidays and special events through the calendar year.

I used the Easter Calendar Mist Kit to be precise as the colours were not only current but appropriate for the look I was aiming to get. The kit contains four Baseboard sprays with names such as Skypersonalised gifts for men, Chocolate, Baby Girl Pink and Vine which, if I’;d have picked out four colours to paint this picture then those would have been the very ones anyway. Being Baseboard sprays means they are slightly less opaque and perfect for a spot of traditional painting. ?Each of the kits has a different collection of paints that suit the look.So to go back to the beginning, on an already gesso-ed page, I started off with my sketch of the little girl and my background. I used a water proof black pen of course so I could paint over the lines without them smudging.

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For a bit of fun, I thought I’;d use a style known as Pointelism for the background and after swirling the bottle around to mix up the pigment I dipped my brush into the bottle and dabbed on the colour.

Once? the green was dry I did the same with the sky blue but with smaller spots of colour this time.

When it came to my little girl, I gave her a different approach by spraying a little paint onto a paper plate to use as a pallet. This allowed me to use a finer brush and a more usual style of painting. Here I’;ve used some Golden Orange to her dress.

Here she is finished.

Back to the page, once everything was dry I used the same much smaller brush to paint in the details and added some spots of red to the grass.

To finish my page, I added a bit more doodling and adhered the girl using 3D gel to give her real dimension.

To view the entire collection of Calendar Kits, stop by our images site to see the kits and paint sample of each of the kits. ?Here are a few of our favorites for this spring season. ?You get 1 ounce of each of the paints, a great way to try a fun color palette.

Project created by Jaine Drake Tattered Angels Ambassador

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