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I was recently asked by?Handmade Charlotte stencils??to create something with their craft stencils. I was sent my favorite pack…;…;..they have several to choose from and I knew exactly what I wanted to transform.

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This key hanger was a gift from my husband a few Christmas’; ago and it’;s just not my style. It’;s just been collecting dust in the back of the closet for far too long and this was the perfect project to transform this ugly not my style key hanger with the Charlotte craft stencils.

I was also sent a jar of Chalk Board paint, and a few trendy colors of Folk Art acrylic paints. ( they also have a large variety of other?FolkArt stencils)

I prepped my finished product by rubbing chalk all over itpersonalised gifts for men, then gently wiping off. ?This took the edge off the “;too modern look”; for my home, plus it really accentuated the chalkboard appeal. ?It’;s now distressed like everything else in my home. ?I love how it turned out.

I’;ve hung it next to the door as a leash hanger. Perfect! ?Isn’;t it cute?

I love the arrows and have a few other projects in mind to use a few other shapes from the stencil pack.

I’;m sure if I practiced, I’;d be whipping out projects like the ones I’;m listing below. ?Adding a pattern to an other wise ordinary piece of furniture makes it an original work of art! ?I’;m dying over this hounds tooth table!

Or this Chevron dresser! ?Swoon.?

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Paint touch-up is necessary at one time or another for pretty much all homeowners. Maybe it’s when we don’t adequately plan a gallery wall and wind up with 20 extra nail holes (guilty). Or maybe it’s after we move furniture around and ding a wall in the process (also guilty). Or sometimes you may actually HAVE the paint can, but the paint is dried out and unusable because someone didn't replace the lid correctly (yep, guilty again).

?We’re headed to the lake (with nice sandy beaches…ahhh) tomorrow.? So I have been on the hunt for some Sun Hats for the kiddos that have chin straps, for two reasons.? 1st, so that my rascally 1 year old baby girl won’t pull hers off.? And 2nd, so that the wind won’t blow their hats off the entire time we’re there.? However, finding hats with straps has been impossible on anything bigger than little baby sizes.? Oh, and it doesn’t help that 2 of my children have huge heads.? I did finally find a bucket hat (with an adjustable neck strap) for my little guy in the men’s department.? It’s a bit big……but there’s no way on this green earth that I could ever squeeze his large noggin into a toddler sized hat.? No way.? The man’s hat is a little big on him but it’s like a floppy bucket hat so you can’t really tell it’s too big.? However, I couldn’t find anything with straps for the girls.? Finally, I realized that not having straps was a crazy thing to fret over.? Why not just add my own?? Okay, done.

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