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personalised gifts for men Here's how you can make a tropical Christmas tree with wallpaper sofa pillow covers

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Step into island time when you channel a tropical Christmas style in your home this year. Here are some styling hacks and where to shop the look

If you have a laidback, tropical vibe going on in your home, you may be inspired by this palm room. The combination of Resene ‘Forest Green’, crisp white and textured elements such as the rattan tablepersonalised gifts for men, light, basket and rug, makes for a fresh, festive feel.

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This strong green wall is the perfect backdrop for a DIY palm-leaf wallpaper tree. To make it, take a sheet of plywood and cut into a triangle (ours is 181cm tall by 120cm wide). Lay the triangle on the floor and roll a piece of wallpaper down the middle. Use either glue or double-sided tape to fix the wallpaper to the board. Trim off excess and secure the edges at the back of the triangle. If the lower corners are still showing, cut two more pieces of wallpaper to cover them up, ensuring you line up the pattern; trim and secure as before. Now simply lean your ‘tree’ against a wall and top with a star.

To harmonise with the palm theme, use the leftover wallpaper from the roll to wrap presents. Team with raffia ribbon and gift tags. If you have lots of presents, keep them tidy by storing some in a basket.

For a room scheme to be cohesive, it’s important to keep tones similar when selecting furniture and decor

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Created and styled by: Vanessa Nouwens. Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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