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I’m sure you lovelies would like some style posts this week huh? I would too and had planned to finish two of the fall fashion collages along with a pinterest picks but with the wisdom teeth pain and pain medication, I’;ve been pretty out of it (i.e. worthless). Other than going to work, I feel like my life has consisted of this routine: sleep, eat, take meds, repeat. It’s draining and anxiety inducing to have your life run by your medication schedule. While trying to fall asleep, I’;ve been trying to calm myself and get me into a nice sleepy mood by envisioning my dream home.?Dan has even chimed in with some nice descriptions and it’;s pretty cool that we have such similar taste. We both love traditional, cottagepersonalised gifts for men, country, Connecticut type styles. Our tastes seemed so?similar?I actually left him to pick some images on his own for this post…; but then my meds wore off and I axed all his choices because I am evil.

I said “;dream house”; remember? That means the works –; gorgeous wood floors, white cabinets, huge cooking range, a crazy detailed ceiling, and a thick wood island. What do you guys think of islands as pieces of furniture vs. built in? I’;m liking pieces like the one above more and more. The only thing I’;d add is green hydrangeas.

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This is the sickest bathroom I’;ve ever seen and has everything I’;ve imagined for a bathroom. There’;s a checklist Dan and I have: double vanity, free standing tub, big shower, and a lot of natural light. Plus there is plenty of mirror and counter space for doing my makeup! And wood floored bathrooms ooze comfort and class –; it’;s not just a bathroom, it’;s a place to hang out and relax.

For awhile I thought I wanted to be an interior decorator. But I have such a specific style I am drawn to that I don’;t think I could help the people who prefer modern or rustic or anything industrial. I’;m too in love with that chair, these walls and windows and floors and banister.

I swear I didn’;t try to find all white everything interiors. I’;ve always given my Mom a hard time for loving white, but that’;s with clothes. She loves white and I love black. But for interiors I tend to love white/cream walls, lots of crown molding and fluffy white bedding. I would add color in the details, like the chair in the picture above –; to make this room feel warm you have to add rich?colors.

Window seat reading nook. Isn’;t that all I need to say? Reading nook window = heaven? I think all reading nooks need to be extremely comfortable. None of this flimsy cushion thing. I want a legit bum cushion and a place to put my coffee, tea, lemonade, wine bottle, whatever.

Staged interior shots are kinda funny to me. Who opens their doors up just that much? Or has 35 pieces of fruit just laying on the kitchen table? Regardless, the pattern and stain of this wood floor is gorgeous, and contrasts perfectly with the white chairs, built in pantry, and french doors

Clearly this is the inside of a renovated barn style house (notice the hexagonal roof line), which normally I wouldn’;t be into, but with the beautifully stained, wide-grain wood plank floor and white walls, and comfy, antiquey furniture, I could sleep in this room. And of course those windows are (and the faux frames above them) are so cool!

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