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personalised gifts for men Otto Zitko Makes Me Want to Paint on the Walls geometric cushion covers

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I first became smitten with Austrian painter Otto Zitko when I saw the extraordinary stairwell he was commissioned to paint with his wondrous scribble scrabble. I want to do that, I thought: paint on the wall with abandon, to see what might be made.

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Michel Arnaud

I know that it takes serious mastery to produce Zitko’;s liberating lines, as only he can do…;

I’;d still love to experience painting with a brush lashed to an extension polepersonalised gifts for men, no matter the result, to follow where the line might take me…;

But how, with no big canvasses to mess around on?

Then I began to mull an interesting solution to us fantasy artists. When I was going to paint my Harlem space, the walls were essentially blank canvasses, waiting for new paint. That is, they offered a chance to paint or draw whatever I wanted on them freely. Since the plan was to lightly sand and paint them, I’;d have nothing to lose if whatever I painted wasn’;t worth keeping. (I did paint some experiments on them, but hadn’;t yet imagined the liberating possibiities for a paintbrush strapped to a pole).

Such an opportunity: to play with painting on walls, in advance of the house painters…;

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I am ecstatic to be part of Kristen Duke’s Decorating With Pictures series this year! ?It is actually this series that got me hooked on her blog several years ago. ?It was totally an honor to be invited to participate this year.

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