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Canvas Corp Printed Cardboard is made of three layers. The orange lines of each piece are cut through the printed side and middle layer, but the back piece is left intact as shown in the second square below. This process leaves flaps of heavy paper that can be glued onto the adjoining piece to connect the sides. The bottom of the flower pot is the rectangle piece with 1″; flaps and 4″; center section. To cover all my scribbles I cut strips of the brown paper and glued them along the inside, top of the flower pot.?The soil is basically a shelf of cardboardpersonalised gifts for men, covered with brown cardstock. The trick is to be certain the bottom and three sides of the pot are solid before adding the shelf. The shelf is held in place by the sloping sides of the pot. They don’;t allow the shelf to slide down.

Use the remaining piece of? 4″; x 6″; cardboard for the shelf.Make 1/4″; flaps on either end so that the solid central piece is 4″;x 5.5″;.Cut a piece of brown cardstock 7.5″; by 5.5″;. Score a 1″; flap at each end of the brown cardstock. Adhere the cardboard shelf to the back of the brown cardstock, placing the flaps together.With a craft knife, cut an X in the shelf where each plant will be placed.Adhere the color side of the flaps to the flower pot sides, positioning shelf approximately 1/2″; from the top.Add cactus plants. Glue remaining side to flower pot. A bamboo skewer may be slid between the soil shelf and pot side to press the final flap onto the adjoining side.

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This Cactus Container Garden looks great from any angle, but why stop with one? Canvas Corp has 12 styles of Printed Cardboard to choose from and even more Paper Collections. Plant yourself a garden of paper pretties that will never need watering and will ALWAYS brighten you day.

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Promising review: "This book is SO COOL. It's incredible. When I opened it up I actually said out loud 'how did they make this?' The construction is sturdy. well made, and it's clear that there was a lot of attention to detail. It's unlike any pop-up book I have ever seen." —Mrk

Last week’s?Remodelista?post about the shipping pallet shelving Olabisi Winery’s devised for their tasting room opened our eyes to an essential quality of shipping pallets we had overlooked: stacked, they make instant flat storage. Pallets are only about 5 inches high, with a natural space for bottles (wine, soda, olive oil – anything) or flat items like papers and artwork. All you have to do is stack the pallets. At Olabisi, they use jelly roll pans as drawers. (You could apply this idea to the desks we showed a few weeks back.) At Uline, you can find pallets in different dimensions from 24 x 24 on up. We envision painting new pallets for a more graphic look, say, really dark gray…

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