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As we wind down the festivities of Halloween, I wanted to share with you a creative Halloween party that took place on October 11 called 31 Wishes. ?This is an event held in Ft. Worth, Texas every October.? It was created by Ann Denise Anderson who wanted to combine?her love for Halloween and creativity with her friends.? After just one season of 31 Wishes, attendees from around the country wanted to attend.? This prompted Ann Denise to hold the event every October for the past four years. ??

This year Ann Denise decided the theme would be a “Vintage Circus” and asked me, Lisa Kettell to join the party and teach.? I accepted within seconds and knew 31 Wishes was going to be over the top. My challenge was to create a fast and simple project that the attendees could make within 1-2 hours. A project they could mix in with their Halloween decor, something with a vintage feel and could work into the events theme. ?The supplies?I used needed to have all these elements and had to excite the attendees. So without hesitation I knew the?Canvas Corp Brand?of companies would be the perfect choice; 7 Gypsiespersonalised gifts for men, Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp. The crew at CCBrands ?helped me customize the perfect supplies for my project and spook-tac-ular goodie bags for?the attendees.

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The result a?Vintage Style Halloween Paper Cone?filled with sparkling tinsel shards, layered with vintage images, labels and Halloween tags. I then finished with tiny potion bottles, crepe paper fringe and ink. I used the orange and black striped paper as the cone base, layered all my pieces inside. This was a very simple project to create with such vintage appeal. All the attendees made paper cones that screamed vintage, screamed circus, and screamed spook-tac-ular.?

After my project, AnnDenise taught her gorgeous circus-y dolls. Everyone made a doll which fit their personality. Some were tattooed, some were glamorous and some theatrical, all with a touch of vintage flare. The whole process for each doll was amazing. So what kind of doll did I sit down and create? Any guesses? Give up? a tight rope circus performer who I named;”;Tippy Cornwall,?the Greatest Tightrope Ballerina of the Century”;. Tippy Cornwall was extra aged using Tattered Angels mists and paint, which I applied after my doll was finished using a discarded cheesecloth.

There was way too much excitement at 31 Wishes from the food, to the supplies, the projects, the decorations, the ladies who attended and AnnDenise. ?Everything was absolutely magical and I’m so glad Canvas Corp was a part of it with their generous supplies and goodie bags, they truly added that special touch to my project.

Creating art is a gift, sharing this gift with family, friends or strangers creates a bond. Its creates memories and future adventures. If you can’;t attend an event outside your area, invite some family, friends or neighbors over and make something special together. Let the project I created be the basis for a get together, where you make you own for any holiday or just for fun.



For more info on 31?Wishes click here.??

Happy Halloween!


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