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Today’s society is all about time and doing everything faster. This has resulted in showers, with their arrogant ‘power’ status and ability to massage, overtaking the humble bathtub in the cleaning stakes. Yes they are more water efficient, and yes they are quicker.but nothing sooths quite like a long soak in the tub, giving you that alone time everybody craves – to think about everything– to not think about anything – to read – to relax – to unwind.

Bathing has been popular since it was championed by the Romans all those years ago, and they certainly knew how to get it right. They understood it wasn’t just about cleanliness, it was the experience and being in an environment that invoked complete relaxation. Marble pools and tubspersonalised gifts for men, grandeur, opulence and decadent detail really made bathing a delight for all the senses, and a well chosen stylish Bathtub can have the same effect in your very own bathroom.

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So, your standard bathroom suite is white, rectangular in shape, usually built in with panels enclosing the sides, this sound familiar? Perfectly practical, easy to maintain, long lasting.but ever so slightly boring. Your bathroom is a room you use at least twice a day, it’s the place where you carry out all your pampering, whether you’re off to work .or really glamming it up for a night out. It’s the first stop in the morning when we stumble our way bleary eyed from our beds. It really should be a visual treat that starts off our day in the best possible way.

A Bathtub is the focal point of a bathroom. These days the variety of options available is huge, every shape, colour and material that could be conceived is out there. Here are a few examples of some that will really make a design statement.

Cast iron, antique claw footed bathtubs -Forever popular, timelessly stylish and effortlessly luxurious. With their high sides to rest your head against it’s a truly comfortable bathing experience. Plus, when surrounded by a fairly neutral decor set off with rich drapes, elegant Tassels?and candle arrangements, a room oozing with antique glamour is created.

For those with slightly larger budget: Wooden Bathtubs - With many people opting for Asian or Zen themed bathrooms more natural warm materials are desired, such as wood. They are widely available and often custom made ensuring that they suit the space perfectly. They also have more flexibility in design, such as ergonomically shaped bases to support the spine for maximum comfort. Combine with stones, plants and other natural materials to create an indoor oasis.

For those who have picked up the budget and tossed it out the window there are Waterfall Bathtubs. The sound of water has long been associated with feeling relax, so this idea has been taken to the extreme with this bathtub that has incorporated a chute for continuous running water. The noise and the massage affect falling up the users head and shoulders sends them into a trance like relaxed state, and very nearly literally brings nature inside.

Of course style does not rely on big budgets. Acrylic free standing baths are chic and trendy and obtained for a reasonable price. Found moulded into ovals or circles, they can either be teamed with neutral tones for that sleek minimalist look. Or set against impressive Wall Art, making it dynamic and fashionable. As long as there is under floor plumbing they can be placed in the centre of the bathroom, making them more dominant.

This year’s 2016 Southern Living Idea House is a celebration of the magazine’s 50th anniversary. Set in Southern Living’s hometown of Birmingham, AL, and built from the ground up by a team of designers with roots in the south, this year’s house celebrates traditional southern design with modern detail.

So when I can find things to occupy my manual fixation — smooshy, spongy, texturally satisfying things — I buy them. Last year, on a trip to the Japanese emporium Tokyo Hands, where you can find everything from a jaw exerciser to horse-oil soap, I left with nothing but a $20 stretchy baguette. On that same vacation, I bought a squeezable Doraemon sushi keychain that I’ve since had to toss from overuse. (If you’re in search of adorably springy faux food, the Japanese have perfected the form.)

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