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Fancy a new look in your bedroom and don't have much spare cash? Then take a look at these fabulous budget interiors for a little inspiration – you'll be surprised how a few alterations can change the look of your bedroom in an instant. One of the easiest ways of redecorating your bedroom is to go for a minimalist look; that way it doesn't look as if you don't have the budget for any more furniture or furnishings.

Keeping the colour scheme light and simple will also help save money. Wall decals are a great options of you like to frequently change the look of your bedroom, as it means you don't have to completely redecorate the entire room each time you fancy something new. Venetian blinds are a great window dressing option which suits this style of room to a Tee.

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If you fancy a bedroom fit for royalty and don't have sufficient spare cash to really throw the boat out you can always create a stunning looking room by choosing luxury fabrics, such as velvetpersonalised gifts for men, and bedding accessories in regal colours of red, blue or purple. Pile on the cushions and always have full lengths curtains and you won't go far wrong.

Remember you don't have to have everything gold plated to get the look – the less is more rule can be applied to get the end results you desire without the room becoming too tacky or kitsch. Go dramatic with your colour combinations and you'll notice the difference. Stick to two colours, such as black and green, to really make a visual impact. Allow only the most necessary pieces of furniture to free-up floor space and this will give you a luxury look without breaking the bank.

Wood is always good for anyone creating a bedroom on a budget. There's plenty of different woods available, all with different price tags; so go for the one that suits your budget the best. You can always change the colour with polish or wood stain if you wish or leave it natural for an on-trend eco-friendly look.

Paint touch-up is necessary at one time or another for pretty much all homeowners. Maybe it’s when we don’t adequately plan a gallery wall and wind up with 20 extra nail holes (guilty). Or maybe it’s after we move furniture around and ding a wall in the process (also guilty). Or sometimes you may actually HAVE the paint can, but the paint is dried out and unusable because someone didn't replace the lid correctly (yep, guilty again).

?We’re headed to the lake (with nice sandy beaches…ahhh) tomorrow.? So I have been on the hunt for some Sun Hats for the kiddos that have chin straps, for two reasons.? 1st, so that my rascally 1 year old baby girl won’t pull hers off.? And 2nd, so that the wind won’t blow their hats off the entire time we’re there.? However, finding hats with straps has been impossible on anything bigger than little baby sizes.? Oh, and it doesn’t help that 2 of my children have huge heads.? I did finally find a bucket hat (with an adjustable neck strap) for my little guy in the men’s department.? It’s a bit big……but there’s no way on this green earth that I could ever squeeze his large noggin into a toddler sized hat.? No way.? The man’s hat is a little big on him but it’s like a floppy bucket hat so you can’t really tell it’s too big.? However, I couldn’t find anything with straps for the girls.? Finally, I realized that not having straps was a crazy thing to fret over.? Why not just add my own?? Okay, done.

In America, we tend to take our freedoms for granted. But the majority of those inhabiting planet Earth are still fighting for those freedoms, some with their lives, much the same as those who fought for freedom in America. The International Women’s Media Foundation’s (IWMF) Courage in Journalism Awards recently honored four extraordinary women who are engaged in that fight. At Naturepedic, that kind of integrity means a lot to us. We started this company to provide parents with organic and non-toxic waterproof mattresses, and we still hold ourselves to the same standards as we did originally. Our appreciation for those who focus on making the world a better place and who stand behind what they believe in led us to sponsor The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast, which featured these four amazing Courage in Journalism Award winners, who shared their inspiring stories. We thought you might enjoy hearing a little about them.

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