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We sit on them, we lie on them, we read on them, we even eat on them. Bar their wives, children and hearty homemade cookingpersonalised gifts for men, sofas are to most the thing they look forward to on their drive home from work. Whatever shape or size the British population loves to put their feet up in front of the television whilst the traitorous weather batters the world outside.

This level of comfort however is often assumed to only be linked with old well worn sofas that are more family air looms than pieces of beautiful design. With the huge range now available and recent advances in orthopaedic technologies contemporary sofas can in fact be both stylish and comfortable. This article takes you through some of the many modern choices available to add a wow factor to your living room.

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The most fundamental and popular movement in sofa design in recent years has been the growth of modular sofa ranges. These nifty and highly versatile designs are made up of a number of small sofa pieces such as a two seater, corner sofa, chaise long and ottoman which can all be fitted together or moved around dependant on your immediate requirements and the shape and size of your room.

Furthermore, this bespoke pick a mix approach means you can choose a selection of pieces to most closely suit the way you use your couch. For example, if you love to put your feet up and take afternoon naps on your sofa why not opt for a long arm piece or chaise long which is specifically designed to support your back, arms and head in the relaxed position. If your couch is used more for socialising and you require comfortable seating.

Opt for a number of two or three seater sections with corner sofas in between. This enables you to create a horse shoe effect; great for socialising, whilst maximising the number of seats available. Furthermore, purchase some coordinating scatter cushions to create a comfortable sofa to also relax and lie down on during your quieter moments.For smaller properties or if you would simply prefer a more traditional style suite there are a huge range of contemporary two and three seater sofas which again provide high style with a high comfort factor.

Shop around and see the huge range of leather and faux leather sofas which have sophisticated and subtle ways to recline the back, higher the head rest and raise the foot pad to suit your needs. Be assured; these designs do not look like something you would expect in a nursing home and are in fact delicate and contemporary pieces of furniture. Choose from steel, wooden, chrome or gloss legs, leather, fabric or suede covering. The choices are endless!

If you have recently bought a contemporary couch which offers all the aesthetic qualities you desired yet isn’t that great on comfort there are plenty of ways to help. For example, available at most homeware stores are attachable head rests which position on top of the couch itself and are available in leathers and fabrics to suit your sofa.

Alternatively, why not simply consider adding some large scatter cushions to soften the look and add some extremely versatile and cost effective forms of comfort. Furthermore, why not buy a coordinating ottoman or bean bag to rest your feet after a long days work. Shop around the huge range available to find one to contribute to your overall design scheme.

Whether modern and modular or luxurious and leather contemporary style couches do have the reputation of being uncomfortable. This however does not necessarily have to be the case. Shop around to find high design pieces with adjustable elements to maximise comfort. Furthermore, consider smaller less expensive accessories to give your sofa that final boost.

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