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personalised gifts for men The Geometry of Partial, Architectural Sheetrock Walls geometric cushion covers

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Jean Marc Palisse

We came across this image of a chrome yellow sheetrock wall in?Jean Marc Palisse’s portfolio the other day. We not only love the bold color, but the fact that the wall doesn’;t reach the ceiling. It separates the space, while keeping a kind of flow and feeling of spaciousnesspersonalised gifts for men, and allowing a picture to be hung from it. To the far right you can see that the wall then shoots up to the ceiling. We wish we could see the rest of the image. Clearly the wall is providing a graphic, asymmetrical element.

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Partial sheetrock walls, without moldings or adornments, can add a modern architectural element to a room. Here extreme verticals heighten the sense of space and drama.

Tim Van de Velde/Dwell

…;It’;s given us ideas for ways to finish one of the few “;mistakes”; ?remaining challenges in our Laboratory renovation. The ill-planned odd-size closet door frame in the bedroom that was the result of a hurried, done-under-duress decision to move the pocket door to the left.

Currently the wall is painted and the closet closed off with a linen curtain. A big mirror between the two doors reflects the window view across from it. The solution to how to handle that wall, and the closet door, remains to be discovered.

Middle?photo via French by Design; photo Tim Van de Velde?via?Dwell

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